Shower Trailers

Shower Trailer Rentals in Los Angeles for Projects, Events, and Emergency Services

Our portable shower trailer rental services are ready to meet all the needs of your project, event, or emergency disaster relief. At Anthony’s Portables, we pride ourselves on being the most dependable, reliable, and trustworthy source for providing temporary portable shower delivery whenever and wherever you need them the most.

Whether your shower rental request is to support workers at remote job sites, in support during emergencies for victims of natural disasters, or multi-day festival attendees, shower trailer rentals provide a sense of safety and comfort. Cleanliness in these circumstances can make a huge difference in the work or event experience.

Our Portable Shower Trailer Features

Your portable shower experience should be comfortable, safe, and dependable. Our portable showers provide an experience that we would want for ourselves. Privacy, reliability, and simple cleanliness are key. Anthony’s Portables offers several options for your portable shower needs, and our team follows strict Covid-19 protocols to ensure the utmost safety of you and your guests.

With a climate-controlled environment, hot & cold running water, and a private shower with changing area, our portable temporary shower trailer rentals provide a home-like experience.

You can choose from a variety of shower trailers, including:

Shower Trailer Rental Options

8-Stall Flex Shower Trailer

(8-stall 2-door Flex Shower Suites - 8x28-8 Spa)

The 8-Station Flex shower trailer offers you and your guests unequaled flexibility as well as many unique features. It can be configured for male/female use in a 4+4 or 2+6 floor plan, or as an 8 shower arrangement depending on gender requirements. And each shower stall has a changing area, shower and private lock.

Length: 28’ Box, 33’ w/ Tongue
Width: 8’5”, 10’6” w/ Steps Down
Height: 11’6” including AC
Weight: 11450 lbs.
Wheels: 16” aluminum
Waste Tank: 1150 gallons
Freshwater: 200 gallons
Additional Water Supply: 1 standard ¾-inch garden hose connection
Floor Plan
Woman's Facilities
Men's Facilities

3-Stall Combo Shower/Restroom Trailer

(3-stall Shower Restroom Combo Trailer)

The unique, 3-Station shower/restroom combination trailer has everything you need. A complete bathroom, shower with space to change and clean-up and unwind after a long, hard day. Enough room to freshen up and get ready for a big event.

Length: 18’ Box, 23’ w/ Tongue
Width: 8’5”, 9’6” w/ Ramp
Height: 11’6” including AC
Weight: 6000 lbs.
Wheels: 16” aluminum
Waste Tank: 650 gallons
Freshwater: 200 gallons
Additional Water Supply: 1 standard ¾-inch garden hose connection
Floor Plan

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