Fence & Barricades

Anthony’s Portables Fence Rentals for Your Event or Project

At Anthony’s, we pride ourselves on being the most dependable, reliable, and trustworthy source for providing temporary fence set-up and delivery whenever and wherever you need it. Our portable temporary fence solutions are ready to meet all the needs of your project, event, or emergency disaster relief.

Fences for All Occasions in Los Angeles County

Whether your fencing rental is to support workers at remote job sites, during emergencies for victims of natural disasters, or multi-day festival attendees, temporary fence rentals provide a sense of safety and control. They define space and create borders, guidance for directional traffic, and separation from within and without.

We offer a complete line of temporary fence rental solutions featuring temporary fence panels, driven post and rolled temporary fence, and crowd control barricades that are easy to set up and relocate.

Sanitation Protocol for Rental Fencing

Our team follows strict Covid-19 protocols to ensure the utmost safety of you and your guests. We understand that there are often changes concerning sanitation requirements in Los Angeles and maintain our informed position to provide the safest rentals possible.

Fence & Barricade Rental Options

Temporary Fence

Panels or Post-Driven

Temporary Fencing is available in Temporary Fence Panels or Post Driven Fence. Our Temporary Fence Panels are available in 6’ or 8’ heights with or without privacy screen. Our Post Driven and Rolled Fence with or without privacy screen can be used for various construction site needs as well as tree protection. A variety of Fence Gate options are available upon request.

Available Sizes


Temporary Barricades

Our temporary barricades are perfect for crowd control. Anthony’s barricades are made of durable, heavy-duty, galvanized steel railing and have flat feet. 8′ long crowd control barricades with stands weigh 50lbs each.


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