Los Angeles Portable Restroom Rentals

Portable Bathroom Rental, Luxury Restroom Trailers, Temporary Fencing and Emergency Services

Anthony’s Portables, your premier bathroom rental, and luxury portable restroom rental company offer luxurious comfort, clean toilet rentals, and reliable portable shower trailers. We provide anti-coronavirus Covid-19 compliant hand washing portable sinks and follow strict Covid-19 protocols to ensure the utmost safety of you and your guests. We consistently strive to deliver the cleanest, most sanitary, and highly reliable portable sanitation products.


Contact the office at Anthony’s Portables for a quote or for information about how we can help you with your Los Angeles County portable bathroom rental and luxury restroom rental needs. We’re here to help you make your job site or event safe and sanitary.

Anthony’s Portables Family Legacy

For over 25 years our family has been involved in the portable sanitation industry. It’s a part of our family. We offer an extensive selection of top-quality portable sanitation equipment for you to rent quickly and easily.

What Set’s Anthony’s Apart from the Rest?

We take pride in being different from the rest. Our products and services shine on their own but we are happy to be set apart for other reasons.

What makes us the clear choice in bathroom rental services?

  • Competitive Rates
  • Wide-Selection of Rental Products
  • 25 Years in the Portable Sanitation Industry
  • Family Owned and Operated

Portable Rental Services for your Porta Potty Needs

Let us provide you with luxury portable restrooms as well as a diverse array of other products. We offer rentals for weddings, parties, business events, and construction services. 

Our variety of products and services can suit your portable toilet rental needs, big or small. These include portable shower trailers, generators, and handwashing sink trailers for special events. Our products provide you with the tools you need to manage your next job site, from restroom trailer rental to wash stations to portable power sources.

Our emergency services including generators and water trucks, fencing options, and shower trailers, are available for emergency response in any kind of disaster. We understand the importance of reliable, responsive emergency services that you can call upon at a moment’s notice.

Contact the team at Anthony’s Portables to order your portable bathroom or luxury restroom trailer today. We’ve got the sanitation solutions you need.

Anthony's Luxury Portable Trailer
Luxury Restroom Trailers

Our luxury restroom trailers are steeped in luxurious style with high-end fittings and top-class design, making them the restroom solution of choice for high-class events and major sporting event hospitality.

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailer rental services are specifically designed to ensure any size construction project or major event functions smoothly. One thing you do not want to worry about is the dependability of your portable bathroom.

Anthony's Luxury Portable Trailer
Shower Trailers

With a climate-controlled environment, hot & cold running water, and a private shower with changing area, our portable temporary shower trailer rentals provide a home-like experience. 

Portable Restrooms

We offer a complete line of porta potty rental solutions from Large, clean standard portable ADA restrooms to compact and convenient standard portable combo units (with toilet and sink).


We offer a complete line of temporary fence rental solutions featuring temporary fence panels, driven post and rolled temporary fence, and crowd control barricades that are easy to set up and relocate.

Emergency Services

We provide temporary power generators, potable water delivery solutions in addition to our portable sanitation products for natural disaster victims, first responders, and other emergency and disaster response personnel.


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